"My neck was becoming more and more uncomfortable, to the point where I couldn’t get a good night’s sleep. I didn’t want to rely on painkillers so visited Ann McBride Chiropractic to see if they could help. After a few treatments I was really surprised how much the pain had decreased and within a few weeks it was like it had never happened."

- Gareth, 32, Coventry

"Although I’m not as young as I was I like to keep active but found that my lower back was getting quite sore and was starting to affect my mobility. I decided to go for a consultation and was recommended a course of treatments. By the time they were done I was back to my old self, and I now have wellness treatments every now and again to prevent problems before they start."

- Diane, 53, Nuneaton

"I thought it was normal to have a couple of headaches a week until a friend suggested a visit to a chiropractor. I hadn’t really thought about the reasons for the headaches but the consultation soon identified the problem, which was a poor posture at my desk that was affecting my neck. The headaches have completely cleared up now and I’ve followed Ann’s advice to change my seating position."

- Peter, 49, Coleshill

"I injured my knee playing football; it cleared up but the knock-on effect was problems with my pelvis and leg muscles. I booked in to see Ann who put me on a course of treatments, along with a series of exercises in my own time. I was really impressed with the treatment and advice I was given and will be going back for wellness to keep me in shape."

- Anthony, 30, Leamington Spa